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NACM Great Lakes Region

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The NACM Great Lakes Region offices are located at:

29 Rosemere Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46229
P: 317.225.4281
2871 Meadow Bluff Dr. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
P: 616.257.3053
41 White Allen Ave.
Dayton, OH 45405
P: 800.935.6226

The NACM Great Lakes Region staff is on hand to provide the best customer service possible, whether you need an answer to a question, would like to sign up for a class or seminar, or to request a packet of membership information. The NACM Great Lakes Region staff has been specifically trained to serve you—the member. You can reach us by e-mail, phone, fax or in person—stop by and see us!

      Phil Lattanzio President/Chief Operating Officer
Phil Lattanzio, CCE
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6477
  Kerry Jensen Vice President of Finance
Kerry Jensen, CPA
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6405
  Themis Vlahos Director of Group Services
Themis Vlahos, CCE, CGA
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6428
  Craig Smith Credit Solutions Manager
Craig Smith
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6484
  Lillian Novak Vice President of Education, Marketing and Member Services
Lillian Novak, CGA
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6478
  Leslie Harrison Director of Staffing, Human Resources and Membership
Leslie Harrison
Phone & Fax: 847-483-6485

      Paula Slyder Vice President of GLR
Paula Slyder
Phone & Fax: 937.401.2710

      Mike BowmanCredit Group Administrator
Mike Bowman
Phone & Fax: 314.677.2801

      Darren GreeneCredit Solutions Consultant / Credit Groups (Ohio)
Darren Greene
Phone & Fax: 740.324.7507

      Kelly Hall Regional Manager of Education and Collection Services
Kelly Hall
Phone & Fax: 317.225.4281

      Monika HowardStaffing Coordinator (Ohio)
Monika Howard
Phone & Fax: 847.483.6416

      Kirk HubertCredit Solutions / Public Records
Kirk Hubert
Phone & Fax: 727.350.1047

      Jim Hugo Membership Consultant
Group Administrator (Ohio)

Jim Hugo
Phone & Fax: 440.658.3114

      Jim KellyCredit Solutions Consultant
Jim Kelly
Phone & Fax: 513.795.1740

      Becky MillerCredit Solutions /Credit Groups
Becky Miller
Phone & Fax: 937.401.2717

      Janet RaapMembership / Credit Groups
Janet Raap
Phone & Fax: 616.257.3053

      Forest Troutner Membership Consultant (Indiana/Ohio)
Forest Troutner
Phone & Fax: 847.483.6411

      Mike Dennis Membership Consultant (Michigan)
Mike Dennis
Phone & Fax: 248.607.6786

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